Tuesday, April 13, 2010

unwarranted sexiness

The theme song to Terry Gross' "Fresh Air" is one of the sexiest parts of my day. Terry Gross took the podium at a clay conference last week, and all of my San Francisco clay friends were appalled. Her sexy voice and throaty laugh had them all expecting a bombshell.

The movie "Ghost" has burdened potters with a similar, unwarranted sexiness. There is nothing sexy about being dirty, hunched, and poor with a bad manicure. Pulling handles might be construed as sexy; it's a similar motion to a hand job. An ex-boyfriend picked me up at my old studio one day. While my friend was pulling a bunch of handles for cups, the 3 of us chatted. "What the HELL was SHE doing?" he whispered, all hot and bothered, on our way out. I'll admit that handle pulling was always a fun class as I was usually teaching pottery to a bunch of gay guys.

Poor Toby is scarred already from being called a strumpet every day. She can't help it if she's happiest when naked on her back kicking her fat legs furiously with a wicked smile on her face. It doesn't help that every time we see someone new we yank down her pants to show off her incredibly meaty thighs. It might be why she's identified Terry Gross so soon as her personal hero...

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