Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I belong to my neighborhood moms' internet group. It's big. We organize clothing swaps and lend each other exer-saucers. We also warn about strangers in the park and educate each other on flu vaccines. It's not as casual as it would seem. There's a strict policy regarding new moms, and people are always apologizing for going off topic or for inadvertently responding to the group as a whole.

A while back someone asked for a doctor recommendation. I've been meaning to switch doctors, so I took the recommendation a close friend gave the group. The friend is also my Kombucha coach. (more on that later, I'm sure) I sent her an e-mail last night to tell her...

me: "I switched to your doctor...I'm making Kombucha. Watch out I might start dressing like you and going to your hairdresser."

Iva: "That's cool. Do you like Vicky? I don't know if you really want to dress like me. I'm sort of looking for someone to dress like myself. I go to Ovations and see Richard. Was there today as a matter of fact. Maybe you could give me some tips on getting taller ?"

me: "I'm shrinking; my body is putting all of its energy and effort into a zit on my ass."

I was thrilled to discover that we'd shared that little banter with the entire group. I guess I'll forever be "that woman with the zit on her ass."

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  1. I fully expected you to blog about the zit on your ass! I'm somewhat disappointed. :(